2121: A Global Futures Forum


Please contribute to our ongoing conversation about the future by sending email to 2121@kattekrab.net

2121: The forum agenda

9:00 arrive and register for the global future
9:30 encounter your opposite traveller what is the habitat II people's agenda?
9:45 enter your spaceships and secure your seatbelts warpspeed and meet your co-pilots
10:00 2121 - question explore and design a desired future.
dream imagine and envision the picture of your future world
look back at the earth from planet mars
10:45 nourish and replenish with good old fashioned morning tea
11:00 contruct the environment
search out other futures
12:00 refuel with lunch
1:30 develop pathways to the possibilities
talk, explain and discover
3:30 afternoon tea
3:45 download to the databanks
map out pathways
compare the people's agenda of over a century ago
The habitat II's people's agenda
5:30 beam back to planet earth, 1996.

Welcome to the Future
Preface to The 2121 Global Futures Forum
Majority of One report - Darryl Kickett.
The Habitat Statement.
Hancock's Follow-up.
2121: The forum agenda
The Futures Foundation
Hazel Henderson
Finland Futures Academy
BRW: Soon Supplement
World Futures Studies Federation
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