2121: A Global Futures Forum


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Shared Values

  • justice
  • fairness
  • contribution
  • peace
  • access

There are values which are not shared. For example - Australian values over global issues.

If we take the news of the groups about the future we agree with most (not prescriptive education). What are the barriers?

  • cultural artifacts -> inertia
  • history - organisations hierarchical
  • values not made explicit
  • work vs family (trade-offs)
  • $'s vs family (trade-offs)


  • assent values
  • discuss values making them more explicit
  • discuss balance/harmony

Key performance indicators relate to values as a check on the direction we're going are our values stretched?

  • Values which are more inclusive
  • Need identified to link tables - rather than develop their own solutions

Crisis vs leisurely amble?

Slow, insidious - crisis: social indicators, e.g. youth suicide. Australia vis-a-vis international - we may have a more deliverable situation than we have been considering re by 120 years to go unless certain things go right in the next 20years. We want to be in charge of our destiny.

  1. Australia must harness the collective genius of its people. The task or responsibility is to find a way to value the contribution that everyone can make - unleash the power and direct it for the common good.
  2. The importance of making values explicit. Values are something we all talk about, we own our own values and as a society we continuously revisit what our collective values are.
  3. The shared values element believes that the contribution of all the elements of the icosa are essential for a sustainable future
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