2121: A Global Futures Forum


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Establish a legitimate structure

  • Global - produce leadership and direction
  • Regional management and maintenance
  • Local team - teamwork & affiliation
  • Bottom up ownership of Global direction
  • Private ownership of wealth generation
  • Non-conformists - isolation

Environment Sustainability

  • Tax for poor treatment of Environment
  • Responsibility of national Government: quarantine, transport (logistics) and rule making
  • Role for Global forum to agree principles and provide education


  • Develop shared values / goals
  • Leadership - inspiration
  • Technology to 'enable' - not hinder individual goals
  • People asset human individuality
  • Involvement of women in society, balance of senses and minority growth


Team work to identify and implement vision & strategy at local level determines needs and the 'how'. Local community empowerment.


Management and maintenance level: 3 - 4 in Global environment and responsible for communication delivery between local and global


Leadership and implementation: principles and philosophies

Scenario One: Our Ideals of "Communities"

Their needs for the year 2121

  • Affiliation within local community/bigger world
  • Security - physical, emotional, economic
  • Justice - fair go
  • Wealth in community to support needs
  • Environmental sustainability to protect global asset
  • Openness - to say, be heard
  • Accessibility to place, to information, costs
  • Liberty/freedom of choice - individuality - people to live their own lives for their own fulfillment
  • Communities/regions will have greater degree of interdependence, while continuing to maintain independence and more flexible structures to suit changing need in various circumstances
  • Technology - general service for the community infrastructure of equal importance and dependence as water and electricity
  • Greater empowerment to the community/individuals through education, information, transport/logistics, mediation, collective defense, quarantine, security
  • Ownership structure - private ownership of wealth generation activities by individuals - market based economy
  • Social state - extended family/community to have welfare role rather then 'welfare state'

An Alternate View

  • Local communities form the basis of global society
  • Individuals identify strongly with their local community and the community manages every aspect of service delivery to its members - although that might be purchased from outside
  • Global dynamics are a sum of the interactions between the communities
  • There are a small number of, none-the-less pervasive, global threads that tie communities together, but these are informal (e.g. communication, media) and privately or community owned
  • Communities for alliances to meet collective needs but these alliances are flexible and, in total, constantly shifting
  • The alliances are formed on the basis of practical needs rather than ideology. Alliances concern themselves with communication, logistics/transport systems, mediation between alliance members, collective security, quarantine and environmental management
  • There is no formal global legal system or administrative structure
  • Shift of service delivery from public sector agencies to the private sector and not-for-profit groups
  • Assertion of local, individual and community concerns in parallel with the globalisation and depersonalisation of communication systems (including mass media). That is as communication provides global information and projects global trends, communities balance this at a human level with strong personal local ties
  • Growth in creativity as a tradable commodity - thereby freeing up communities from traditional services and products as a means of generating income
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