2121: A Global Futures Forum


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Our cities and homes

  • What: Intellectual/ Emotional / Physical village/ Belonging/ Constructed "Families"
  • Workplace/ cities/ Homes- Virtual (Knowledge systems)
  • Personal service systems - physical


  • Define ecosystem for sustainability & effectiveness
  • Bio-food production / process for sustainability
  • Harvest rain water
  • Vertical/ not horizontal mega cities
  • Macro city & micro village harmony within mega city

Living in an "artificial" universe

  • Likelihood of living in a "designed" universe
  • Need to develop wisdom to "design"


  1. Education - Learning Process - How to develop "spiritual' wisdom/ Environmental responsiveness
  2. Resources may not be finite eg. our brains might "be" to handle higher levels of complexity.

Ecologically Sustainable

  • Productivity of renewable resources - growth in demand
  • "Water" new Gold standard

Politically Participative - Pathway

  • Process is "Principle of Requisite Variety"
  • These issues require a "Global" management. Approach/ teams that include all stakeholder impacts.
  • not ruled by the uninformed/ media manipulated -issue of information technology.
  • Values which support "belonging" with responsibility for self/ & shared responsibility.

Culturally Vibrant

  • Arts/ Music/ Arts high demand
  • Culture: behaviour ideas system of behaviours/ ideas expressed through variety of forms


  • Communication/ Access
  • Notion of being in tune/ harmony or expression of physical/ values
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