2121: A Global Futures Forum


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Development of self and development of institutions globally

  • How to teach - to learn
  • Turn data into information
  • Move to knowledge - value added information
  • Pathway - to migrate
  • Evaluation - data to wisdom
  • Different dimensions to be worked on together

Self - Institutions - Government

  • Industry/workplaces
  • Educational institutions
  • Health/wellbeing
  • Family
  • Justice system
  • Environmental

1 step for each arm

  • Government - diversity - e.g. proportional representation/li>
  • Industry/ workplace
  • Educational institutions - wisdom ambassadors
  • Health/wellbeing - pollution/lifestyle
  • Family - nurture & sustain people/children
  • Justice
  • Environment
  • Media/Culture

Goal: harmony, wisdom, justice. We are seeking inspiration insight

  • Development of self & development of institutions (Global)
  • The individual must focus on learning. They are seeking inspiration / insight.
  • Leadership - goal is for harmony, wisdom & justice for the future.

Desirable Future 2121

Life is like the universe - everything connects. Guiding values and vision through the life cycle:

  • Individuals
  • Network
  • Connection
  • Co-operation
  • Self-directed responsibility
  • Thinks
  • Encouraging

Key question - how can we learn from our experiences, mistakes and successes

What is the process?

  • You keep going around, until you learn to learn
  • You must change
  • In order to change you must accept your limitations
  • Strive to improve with time
  • What is learning - growing in wisdom?
  • Reflecting on action
  • Important role of education - the learning process


  • A just, ecologically responsible and socially sustainable society giving each individual the opportunity to participate fully in all opportunities society offers
  • The individual is the focus (for development, change etc)
  • Hierarchy of information is data -> information -> knowledge -> perception -> insight -> wisdom
  • The journey of all individuals is to migrate up this hierarchy, in the process affecting government, industry, educational institutions, health, family, justice system, environment, media
  • The above should address learning about mankind's past, collectively
  • We must harness the power of the individual to enable him/her to achieve her/his full potential through individual and collective learning. Giving the individual greater power to make decisions through these processes will maintain progress through the hierarchy
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