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The solutions table requires that the leadership takes into account three steps to be considered in cycle:

  1. The necessity to achieve sustainability
  2. The need of individuals to fee and be able to make a productive contribution
  3. The necessity for vision, possibilities and global perspectives

Each of these steps open up (and can be advanced) through tangible product opportunities; respectively:

  1. Opportunities arising from the need for remediation (re-agreeing): for example by providing tax breaks to encourage growth of remediation industries, encouraging extraction, solar power and toilet paper made from wool; rebate systems to encourage use of solar power; reduced energy tariffs for production of sustainable energy capacity; government car fleet to battery cars.
  2. "Empowering" education products - for example government funded trial of "bids" of alternate education projects/system focussing on tangibility of environmental renewal (long and short duration)
  3. Opportunity linkage
    1. tap into and develop linkage technologies
    2. encourage media, multi-media and other linkage technologies to focus on projects, solution and productive linkages with respect to environmental regeneration
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