2121: A Global Futures Forum


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  • Who: Individuals - social relationships, social networks and physical community
  • Pathway to change - national dialogue on shared values between decision makers and the community at all levels for the 22nd century appreciate difference.
  • Benchmarking - tolerance, quality of life and sustainable environment

Values Vision Values Stakeholder=me
Understanding New Learning shifted Development of
Social Marketing New Social contract

Change Model


degree of difficulty of change vs magnitude of change

  1. National Dialogue
  2. Shared Vision and Values
  3. National Benchmarks
  4. Social Marketing
  5. continuous performance and learning systems

Type of Change from "It would be nice" to "Oh No!"

Community Needs
  • Affiliation/ Unity/ Identity
  • Security
  • Justice
  • Wealth
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Openness
  • Accessibility: place, information, costs
  • Liberty/ Freedom of choice

Stakeholder = Me

  • My responsibility for the future of the planet.
  • Personal responsibility for a common future
  • To reclaim our power from institutions; to participate in developing a shared vision and values of the future; to be involved locally


  • To foster and participate in a national dialogue about shared values and vision for 2121
  • To develop national benchmarks for tolerance, quality of life and sustainable futures
  • To develop a social marketing campaign to facilitate the changes required for individuals to participate fully in the 22nd century
  • To develop continuous performing and learning systems

Change Starts with a Bumper Sticker
Think Mad Cow, Act Now!!!
Take responsibility for our future.

Welcome to the Future
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The Habitat Statement.
Hancock's Follow-up.
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