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Create wealth to control freedom - 2070 - 2121 "Australia's day in the sun" - an ideal geographical location

Key industries: health, education, leisure, eco-tourism

  • Draw the family back together - fragmentation claw back spirituality
  • Corporate role in education environment
  • Power to influence and control decisions - let the Aboriginal people teach us how to control the environment - David Suzuki
  • Compete at the top end for the smarts rather than sweat shops.
  • Clever country - invest in education infrastructure.
  • Mitsubishi - 'Please Consider'
  • Stakeholders - safety net(Government the operator) pay for our conscious. Levels of control: policy and regulation
  • People will live to 130 years old and health will be crucial

We wanted Australia to be the most desirable physical and spiritual place in the world to live and work and to be thought of as a model economy balancing the delicate social and environmental fabric with wealth creation ability to provide the degrees of freedom necessary to ensure our vision is sustainable. We wanted to be a quality branded international environment with the world's most competitive infrastructure upon which we could build the growth industries of the future such as health, leisure, and education and ensure Australia is the clever country.

The two Key strategies adopted were

  1. In the 1990's we privatised the growth sectors in a manner that allowed the social balance to be funded and maintained by clever policy and regulation decisions. The growth sectors emerged from industry level think tanks that allowed Australia to grab the competitive advantage by leading the world as the first mover.
  2. We kick started Australia's pride in its Global position as the most ideal geographic location in which to live by adding Aboriginal history and culture to all primary school curriculums. Once we gained permission from the Aboriginal Senate to implement this act, all of Australia began to recognise and value cultural and spiritual origins of the continent.
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