2121: A Global Futures Forum


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Values Defined/Characteristics

  • Importance of human relationships and relationship to environment
  • Respect for individualism and diversity
  • Acknowledgement of the whole
  • Value of lifelong learning
  • Sustainability
  • Technology means to deliver above
  • Everyone is a potential leader


  • Influencing tangible change (now) through the action of others
  • Action has to be congruent with values
  • Leader needs global and local understanding
  • Need suggestions and solutions for actions

Shared Values

  1. Development of shared values made explicit. Forum for public debate and evaluation over time. Form code of direction for leaders.
  2. Outcomes from value based decisions and actions to be measured against these values with modification if needed.
  3. Values promotion and discussion at school.

Shared Vision

  1. Develop ownership of public institutions to all Australian citizens in form of those targeting key growth areas to enhance economic growth e.g. education, health, environment and technology.
  2. Put Aboriginal culture on primary school curriculum.
  3. Involve industry in think tanks based on 2121 based on initial explicit shared values developed and supported by society.


  • As per systems - people taking responsibility for the future of the world.
  • Method: Leadership to establish flexible education systems that ensure lifelong learning that provide value for the global community through responsible individual contribution including leadership attitudes and skills.
  • Leaders selected for positions based on "competence" not influence or political affiliation.

Leadership 2121 - Influencing change Australia

Shared value congruence - everyone is a potential leader and leadership happens at many levels

Shared Values: relationships, respect, holism, learning, sustainability

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