2121: A Global Futures Forum


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To achieve the vision for 2121 shared by the participants in the room, which is an optimistic Global vision of 2121, we need a balance between human and technical systems.

  • Flexible education systems that encourage life long learning that are accessible to all and encourage an attitude of "What are my obligations to the Global village", not "What are my rights'
  • Strengthening local communities (not necessarily through local Government) to reverse the potential for isolation that advances in technology may create.
  • Ecologically sound practices so new a system that rewards ecologically sound practice & uses of ecologically sound materials.
  • Systems that encourage personal responsibility as the essence of Leadership.
  • A system that allows human systems and humanity to control and drive technology.
  • Systems for social interaction to reaffirm our humanity and as a basis for family.


  • Everyone to start modelling our vision for 2121: "walk the talk"
  • Individual role modelling
  • Education that encourages innovation, risk taking & personal responsibility.

The achievement of the vision of a sustainable global vision in 2121 will be facilitated by the development of the following systems:

  • An education system that is flexible, accessible and focussed on 'life' long learning.
  • Systems that allow human values to determine the future of advancement of technology
  • Strong long community identification systems as the basis of area, national and global community.
  • Collaborative legal and political systems based on win/win principle.
  • Human balance
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