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Our preferred future is an Australia in which our citizens & children are reconnected with our rich & diverse environment & reacquainted with a feeling of social responsibility & a sense of belonging through a series of ritualistic life passages & ceremonies.

Other initiatives

  • Quality of life index as an alternative to GNP
  • Convert casino & luxury apartments to low-cost housing
  • Convert to organic food production
  • Energy to shift from resource exploitation to perpetual sustainability
  • Bicycles are used as part of ritualistic life passages & ceremonies
  • Process of re-education

List of Suggestions

  1. Environmental ritual - sense of responsibility to the environment.
    Part of the initiation includes receiving a bicycle.
  2. Quality of life index.
  3. Education system to instill human values.
  4. Convert luxury apartments etc. for low income accommodation.
  5. Technology
  6. Evolving spirituality in the workplace
  7. Belonging - Family - Community - global world to provide a nurturing environment.
  8. Food - shift to organic food production.
  9. Energy - sustainable only.
  10. Eliminate local & state governments. Electronic public debate/discussion of issues.
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