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John Hancock's response

05-NOV. '97 (WED) 16:55 CELLARMASTER WINES TEL:61 2 333 809 P001


To: Adam Richard, Global 2121 Forum Fax Number (03) 9622 8149
From: John Hancock - Cellarmaster Wines Fax (02) 9333 8099

Dear Adam:

Thanks for following up on 2121, and for giving me the opportunity to fax a few words.

The great flaw in the Global 2121 Forum was the overwhelming number of participants drawn from the Young Optimism and Socially Aware segments. If memory serves, most of the reports were delivered in a strong utopian accent.

I recall being struck by how many academics there were, both students and teachers, versus such a small number of business and technical people. Of politicians or jurists I remember not a one.

Ok Global 2121 Forum is an intellectual enterprise, with a strong flavour of youth, so we shouldn't expect to see a lot of liberals or factory workers at our gatherings. Still, every time we look into the Crystal ball, we should keep one eye on the mirror. Most of us are either young or progressive or both. We are by definition those for whom the future is a playground rather than a prison. We are those who claim the future, those who believe we can mould it too tour own desires. We are the empowered, and by definition our power blinds us to futures we don't like, don't want and can't control.

If we do it again, we need a table of hell raisers, nay-sayers, gun nuts, racists, sexists and general doom merchants.

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