2121: A Global Futures Forum


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Summary of discussions

  • System where people can get promoted into decision making position based on competency rather than influence.
  • Form of Government based on extended "Senate" systems made up of stakeholders representative groups.
  • Replace 'House of reps" with individual personal voting buttons used on major/ significant issues in an agreed set of rules.
  • Design the system in such a way that we prevent people being unfairly prejudiced or advantaged financially by birth (can we keep personal momento?). Positive social Engineering.
  • Some form of reward system that not just based on quantity of effort, but quality as well (e.g. not just hours you spend in a job)
  • Freedom to move in and out of the mainstream of employment and this society.
  • Local community become a more active stakeholder in the decision making process of corporations (Review of law to give greater influence to individual rights) AUSTRALIAN BILL OF RIGHTS - all companies have an employee bill of rights (replaces award system base?)

"Starship Interdependence"

Bill of rights for the Planet

Philosophy Statement

We take it as self evident that all crew members will have equal access to equitable living conditions which will sustain the ship and create a viable future for the later generations of all species.



Policy for writing Policy

  1. Register interest to vote.
  2. Meet minimum competence criteria.
  3. Compulsory Voting for election of Governing body
  4. Governing Body represents "Tribal" interests.


The judiciary role of the monetary governing body is fulfilled by an international court and backed by an international peace keeping body - appointment by "Wisdom"


The function of the international body is to administer the bill of rights - Approve procedures & Structural advancements.


Unfair treatment is not experiencing a sense of interdependence co-operation, nurturing, empathy etc has access to publicly provided conciliation/ mediation and representation processes


The governing structures of the tribal groupings will demonstrate capacity to support and implement the global "Bill of Rights".


A key junction of all levels of governing bodies will be to review the operation of reward and sanction systems to ensure congruence with the stated vision & values of the starship interdependence.


The international & local governing bodies will monitor the provision of & access to appropriate education processes (including LIFE SKILLS/ PHILOSOPHY) to enable informed participation by all "new members"

Welcome to the Future
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